Speech / Language Teletherapy

Speech/Language Teletherapy Services

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has taken root in our country, there has been a growing demand for speech-language pathologists to incorporate cutting-edge speech/language Teletherapy services to clients.

Studies show that when therapy is put off or delayed, it dramatically impacts the progress clients make when working with a Speech/Language Pathologist. 

TerrificTalkers works to provide results-oriented treatment options for our speech/language clients via Teletherapy services to minimize disruptions in your child’s treatment progress.

Many of our clients prefer a combination of in-person combined with Teletherapy sessions, while others prefer Teletherapy to be their only option while restrictive shelter-in-place orders are in effect.

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    Speech sound productionDifficult to understand conversational speechDifficulty understanding and following directionsDifficulty expressing ideas, wants, needsDifficulty with fluent speechDifficulty with hearingWeak vocabulary
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